Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yamaha Mio Sporty, 210 cc Piston Wear CBR and Stroke Up

Modif Honda CG100, 1977pangkas body but the engine was scraped abis. Would say if his running style doang like snails. That's what's going to the Yamaha Mio Mason alias Ridho Juliansyah Adriansyah scraped. She mechanical ADR Speed ​​in Penggilangan, Cakung, East Jakarta.

The format for street racing contest standaran class. Abis but may be scraped out of the engine remained the standard view. For this first option uses a piston-owned Honda CBR 150R. Who have taken 150 or 65mm oversized.
The reason for choosing to use the CBR piston because shorter. So that the position the piston so mendem. Befoul piston flush with the surface of the block above, should go up stroke.
"Pen strokenya wear 2.5 mm. Would step up piston 5mm compared to only 57.9 mm standard, "explained Adriansyah Yonex now strengthen the team as well. Happens to a total of 62.9 mm stroke.
Cylinder capacity can be calculated. 65mm diameter and stroke 62.9 becomes 208, 6cc. Pacunya kitchen fulfilled in the range of 210cc.

 "Still life of a standard gasket. But enough setup compression 11: 1, due to the sometimes long road tracks, "explains Adriansyah.
The duration of suction return 267 degrees and 270 degrees throw. Open-close valve forces the valve up to 10mm supported. Umbrella suction and exhaust valves using diameter 34-29. "The machine is designed for 700 meters to the top,

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