Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yamaha Jupiter Z, lighter Balancer

Yamaha Jupiter gacoan Diaz Kumoro Djati not surprised MP1 (125cc) MotoPrix Series VIII, three weeks Kemayoraan Circuit Expo JI. Although at the end of the second race, but still won mbrebet 2. The key to the whole installation engine light.
"Light Settings control circuit Kemayoran ago, which made the rolling speed," said Heru Hardianto, chief mechanic at a Yamaha TDR Federal Oil NHK FDR Yonka Jaya.
All-round light for example in the balance. Done only 375 grams.According to the mechanic called Heru Kate is known, among the lightest in the lot size. In order to increase the engine rev faster because the curve of the circuit track dominated the rolling speed.
Tracks straight you can say only 170 meters short. They do not need a heavy pendulum is simply achieved. Provided that the compression ratio is slightly lower aliasing artifact.
To play in Kemayoran yesterday pegged the compression ratio of 12.8: 1. Even if you normally get to 13.2: 1. However, in order to compensate for a lightweight balancer lap down, should be made of low compression. Of course, that top speed is reached.
Magnets are also lighter. Why Abis turner. "Weighs only 400 grams," said Heru is located near the stadium Maguwo, Sleman, Yogyakarta.Apparently this is what makes Jupiter mbrebet Akir in her lap.Turner magnets broken because too thin. Cried the engine would not like the lack of fuel.
Other settings of the relationship remains the same for each circuit improvised. But the difference is only on the pinion. It 's time to use 14/43.
For the choice of using a 29/24 mm valve. While the duration varies kemnya 273 degrees. In the valve open approximately 35 degrees before TDC (top dead center) and closes 58 degrees after the MBT (bottom dead center).
Kemnya fact twins. To adjust the track live set is further pullback.Which evidently has the same fixed duration.
According to Heru, from the beginning of this bike so setingannya itself. More regular circuit alone. For ex-holes and also remain the same.
Lift KemRaise the valve opening is determined by a ridge or bump on the back. Some mechanics have opinions on each of the valve lift.
As Heru Kate mechanical Yamaha Jupiter-Z geberan Diaz Kumoro Djati NHK Federal Oil Yamaha TDR FDR Yonka Jaya. It has its own reference point.

Although the same duration, Heru peg lifts the exhaust above theinlet. This theory is the opposite of some other mechanism yet toraise even higher the intake valve.

Heru peg back suction lift 9.4 mm, while the dump valve lift 9.5 mm. "Lift the relief valve higher than 0.1 mm," the mechanic saysthat the original position at the University of Agriculture VeteranYogyakarta.

According to Heru, once again, that there must be the intentionand purpose. Namely, that the machine settings
 are not wet. So that the engine becomes more long-term. Rpm motor capable oflong weeping

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