Friday, September 16, 2011

Let's Make Kawasaki Ninja 150 R / RR Add kenceng, This Kunciannya!

Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle 150R/RR Quote toned character. But that does not mean 2-No iron horse can not get this far more violentand yanked. As the dish moves are prepared several specialistworkshops Ninja 150. Oh yes, the funds pegged USD 2.5-3 million.Here are some of them. listenedAdhe-owned garage is headquartered in jln.kandea. It has been ayear wrestling in the world of racing. The achievements, so theoverall champion drag bike at the Sentul Circuit in 2010-2011In addition to racing, ari Kohar package (match day). "With abudget of USD 2.5-3 million, mainly working on the cylinder blockwith at-ported & polish, and can exhaust the CMS / DBS type andcarburetor Keihin PE under 28," ari says as he says workmanshiponly takes 2 days. Warranty not? "To guarantee unlimited, untilconsumer complaints resolved," he concluded.The crezProblem daily matches, finished garage BC daily menu. After all,he was also never able to win three in OMR Ninja. So, what do ajaworkshop on Jl. kandea this? As performed ari of , its mainport & polish cylinder block to facilitate the flow of fuel and airmixture.  Then memapas cylinder heads for compression reset "adjustedran into the same amount of fuel to be used," explained Adhe,owner of the shop.Next to the carburetor to be 30 mm reamer, from the standard 28 mm. To adjust the settings spuyer engine queries. Then in order tosmoothly discharge exhaust dibobok default."The last coupling to custom homes to the maximum forcechanneled to the wheels," he added, saying it runs in only 4 days.Warranty? Surely, please come back if there are changes or stillless palatable.
've Played a long time in the world of racing, especially drag bike.Ade one mechanic and garage owner is already widely known.With a fund of Rp 2 million, the process includes reamercarburetor, resetting the ignition, and ported & polish. Having beenngelotok with the Ninja engine, workmanship shortly, "About 2 daysonly," said the man was genuine Makassar. Moderate warrantygood until the motor according to the will of consumers."With the budget that much, speknya can be used for daily or downracing," said Ari. I question the achievements in the world of drag bike, ari ever won three classes at the Sentul circuit FFA and FFAchampion two held

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